We LOVE painting AND reading

A few months ago, we started what is (for now) probably the smallest library in Frankfurt. The books are ideal for children between 3 and 10 and our Malort kids absolutely love borrowing them (no charges of course). If your own kids happen to have grown out of their books and if you are looking to put them to good use, you can bring us your books and help us inspire the next generation.


The Robots will be back in the new year. Follow us on Instagram on sternstunden_creative_space, to get all the date first. To reserve your place in the workshop, please write to us on studio@sternstunden-malort.de

Printing Workshop

We are already so much looking forward to Lulas amazing workshop on printing.  Join the workshop and learn a new printing method, gather plenty of great ideas and simply be inspired for creating your own little masterpieces or for making wonderful unique presents. Apply at studio@sternstunden-malort.de

coding for kids

Instead of merely consuming technology, we are going to learn how computers think. Then we will use this new knowledge in combination with our unlimited creativity to develop our own first computer program. 

The course will work with CALIOPE and we will focus on one of the following topics each week: electricity, logic, graphics, music and animation.

Call us for more information or reserve a place in our next course by writing to us on studio@sternstunden-malort.de

Alphabet, ein faszinierender Film mit Arno Stern.