Malort Sternstunden News:

Here are the dates for the upcoming summer holidays. If you are a member and you would like to join one of these dates, you have send your request to

Saturday 11.7: 10:30-12:00, 12:15-13:45, 14:30-16:00

Saturday 15.8: 10:30-12:00, 12:15-14:00

Have a great summer and take care of yourselves!


Yay the robots are back! On the 25th of May 2019, from 3pm to 6pm, we are doing another robots workshop.

The workshop is for kids 7 years and older.

Write to us to make a reservation or call us for further questions.

The Sternstunden gift voucher, a present that makes a difference.

Alphabet, ein faszinierender Film mit Arno Stern.