Who we are in the Malort

Who we are

In Juli 2013 I took part in the intensive training classes for the painting-game profession by Arno Stern in Paris. The training itself, the time spent in Arno Sterns painting studio the Closlieu as well as encountering Arno Stern himself were magic moment. Arno Sterns attitude toward childhood and to life, struck a cord with me, especially as a mother. I was convinced that more places like the Closlieu, more manifestations of a tolerant and appreciative mindset and more room to stop and listen to our inner selves were desperately needed in our world.

In the spring of 2014, I found a very welcoming and bright space, the perfect premises to realize the Malort Sternstunden in Frankfurt. Since then, the Malort has grown to a wonderful place of rest, serenity and unexpected creativity. In the Malort Sternstunden practitioners of the painting game can find inspiration, encouragement and assistance to realize their potential.

Academic training:
BA Social Anthropology, University of London, UK
MA Medical Anthropology, University of London, UK

Team und Cooperations: