The Malort – more than a place to paint

We all need a sheltered and creative space without evaluation, without admiration and without the need to explain ourselves. In the Malort you will find attentive help but no art instruction, artistic examples or ideals. The Malort has clear structures which help us to get rid of fears and obstacles and which allows us to paint more freely and spontaneously.

Why paint?

Because we used to like painting when we where children.
Because somewhere along the way we stopped painting and we started to believe that we were unable to do it.
Because painting is a very natural and important form of expression.
Because we all have the desire to leave a trace.
Because the ability to paint is directly linked to the pleasure of painting.
Because we do not want to rob our children of this game and their ability to paint.
Because it is important to listen to our inner world.
Because painting offers us a way to realize ourselves.
Because the painting game relaxes and enables us to slow down.
Because it nurtures fine motor skills and concentration.