The painting game

number of participants: max. 9 participants (from age 3 to 120)
Duration: 90 Minutes

Monday 11:00-12:30
Wednesday 14:45-16:15 und 16:30-18:00*
Thursday 19:30–21:00
Friday 16:30–18:00
Saturday 10:30–12:00 und 12:15–13:45

You can start the courses anytime and you do not need any previous knowledge. Classes with * are in the making. We are happy to put you on our waiting list.

How to start and our prices :

If you decide to join the painting classes once a week, you can register for a year or for half a year. If you prefer to attend every two weeks you can do so by registering for a year.

Missed classes can be caught up within 2 months. During the local school holidays Sternstunden offers replacement classes which participants are free to attend.

Before you register for your classes, you will be given a free overview of the painting game. Children are allowed to try out the materials during that meeting.

To make an appointment you can call me (phone: 0178 8023 196) or send me an email to

duration: 1 yearprices in €/month pP
weekly painting60
painting every two weeks38
duration: 1/2 yearprices in €/months pP
weekly painting68